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Halqa 2 (HAZ)Islamabad

Salana Ijlas 30 Sept. 05
Ijlas 29th July 05( Mazhar Jamil & Mubeem Mirza fotos)

Halqa Arbab e Zauq Islamabad


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Site of Kalum Kahani by Mansha Yaad

Site of Mansha Yad Shehr e Afsana

The founder
Mansha Yaad, the founder of Halqa at Islamabad
Mansha Yaad

This is the second site of Halqa Arbab e Zuaq, Islamabad which  is a purely literary circle of writers. Its weekly meetings are regularly held in Writer's House of Pakistan Academy of Letters, Pitras Bukhari Road,H8/1,Islamabad. It was founded on 23rd December 1972 by Mansha Yaad who was its first Secretary. For the details and history of HAZ,Islamabad please visit Main site of Halqa1 which is given at the end.Please note that due to shortage of space new reports and fotos of 2009 and 2010 will be uploaded by deleting old reports except the important reports and fotos.

Secretary Halqa Arbab e Zauq 2004 to 2010
Manzar Naqvi